I’m a data scientist interested in building an intelligent system to model large-scale, unstructured and noisy datasets.

I am a master student in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley. I recently finished my undergraduate studies at Berkeley in Computer Science, Operations Research and Management Science, and Statistics. I am passionate about interactive data science, optimization and machine learning theory. I am equally interested in exploring learning algorithms with strong mathematical and statistical foundations, and in developing practical solutions and toolkits to tackle real-world data science challenges.

My current research projects are advised by professor John Canny on interactive visualization and deep learning. During my undergraduate study, I have been working with Sören Künzel to develop new algorithms on heterogenous treatment effect estimation using random forest. In my freshman and sophomore year, I also worked in an interdisciplinary lab called Oskilab to apply data science and machine learning to social science.

In my free time, I was involved in Capital Investment at Berkeley, Machine Learning at Berkeley, and Alpha Kappa Psi. I like poker, magic tricks, backpacking, swimming, tennis and a lot more exciting stuff!

Master Student, UC Berkeley.
Data Scientist.

I just finished my undergraduate degrees and am about to begin my master year at Berkeley. I do various cool stuff on visualization, machine learning and optimization. My philosophy is to build an intelligent system to model large-scale, unstructured and noisy datasets.

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